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Verizon Fios Login

Verizon Fios Login – Do you want to login to Verizon FiOS router maybe to change some setting or to change your password or do other things. This article Verizon Fios Login Is going to be going you through on how to log into a Verizon FiOS router.

Verizon Fios Login

It is very easy and simple to do even your grandMa can do that, all you have to do be right where you wanna be is to follow the guide below step by step and make sure that you read the article to the end in other not to miss a step.

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Verizon Fios Login – How to log into a Verizon FiOS router

To get started kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Connect to your Verizon FiOS network: You can connect using either a wired (LAN) or wifi connection.
  2. Open a browser and go to This is the gateway for your router and a login screen will appear.
  3. Enter username and password: The default FiOS router administrator password is located on the sticker on the side of your router.

Username: admin
Password: (your password)

Verizon Fios Login

How to Reset Verizon Fios Login Password?

Now that you have successfully logged in, you may as well change your password to something more secure. After all, anyone with access to your house can gain access to your router configuration, which is worse than gaining access to the network itself!

  • To change the default administrator password, click Change Admin Password in the left navigation.
  • If you forget your password, simply reset your FiOS router to factory defaults.

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Where can I pay my Verizon FIOS bill?

Free payments are accepted at Verizon Wireless stores and Fios Local Presence Center locations. To find a list of free payment locations go to and click on no-fee locations. All you need to bring is your billing statement or account number or phone number.

How do I pay my old Verizon bill?

To pay your old bill by phone, contact the customer service at 1.800.Verizon (1.800.837.4966), say: Pay Bill at the prompt > follow the directions provided ($3.50 vendor fee applies)

I hope that this article on Verizon Fios Login was useful? For questions and comments, make use of the comment box below.

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