Best 5 Creative Writing Apps for Android

creative writing apps for android

A large number of us love writing. Be that as it may, it frequently turns out to be so bulky with the entire papers thing. These Best 5 creative writing apps for android Phones will guarantee you never again need to deal with those papers while likewise continuing with your writing. What more? You don’t need your workstation or Personal PC with you to compose once more. You could compose anywhere, anytime with your android telephone without hindrance.

Is it true that you are a creative essayist, proficient author and writing for business or corporate individual is your obsession? At that point, you may need tools in which you are comfortable and can compose effectively and rapidly. Those days are gone when you took a bit of paper and pen to compose your notes. In the cutting edge time of innovation, sitting at your place, you can compose your notes and even change them further on and can, at last, save it on your Android Phone or Tablet. Here are the Best 5 creative writing apps for android phones.

There are lots of writing apps out there, but we are sure you will cherish these ones listed below.

1. MonoSpace – creative writing apps for android

Monospace is a writing app that allows you to focus your full attention on the most important thing: writing. It has few features which may likely distract you. It offers only the most basic formatting options (such as bold, italics, blockquotes) but not much more. Also, you can organize related articles using hashtags. Exporting to Markdown or plain text is available. Monospace also features Dropbox and Google Drive integration, but the latter is only available in the pro has two versions: Free and Pro version ($4.00).

creative writing apps for android

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2. JotterPad – creative writing apps for android

This allows you to write your posts in markdown and export them to several formats: TXT, MD, PDF, DOCX (beta). JotterPad also supports Dropbox integration as well as decent typography options and a night mode feature. It has a user-friendly interface that helps in writing for a long time easily and quickly. The built-in dictionary is the main focus point that increases productivity. There is also an option called “Extended Keyboard” that allows changing font styles and adding images or hyperlinks.

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3. iA Writer

iA is one of the best of the Best 5 Writing Apps For Android Phones. It has unique features distinct from others. It consciously separates form and content, text and formatting. Also, it offers MultiMarkdown to edit and features stellar typographic preview templates and export options. In addition, you can export your writing to several formats such as HTML, PDF and MS Word (.docx). Meanwhile, another feature is its ability to publish directly to You can switch between the private and public sections and create new files and folders. You can also choose to sync your documents on cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

creative writing apps for android

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4. Writer Plus

This is a completely free app that boasts several features you may be interested in. it allows you to save your work in folders. It has the word and character count, undo and redo, and night mode. Also, you will find options to increase or decrease the font size and select a font from Droid Serif and Roboto. A single hashtag defines a heading – increasing the number of hashtags will reduce the heading size, double tildes will strike-through, the single asterisk will italicize, double asterisks will bold, and triple asterisks will both bold and italicize.

5. Microsoft Word

The last but not the least of the Best 5 Writing Apps For Android Phones is MS Word. This is the android version of the PC version. Therefore, most of the features on the PC version could also be found in this. It also lets you view and edit Office docs attached to email messages. Also, just like in its desktop version, you can choose from a series of templates like a journal, newsletter, research paper, etc.

creative writing apps for android

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How To Download These Creative Writing Apps for Android Phones

All these writing apps can be found on your android play store. just launch your play-store, then type any of these writing apps you would want to download and install them.

I hope that this article on the creative writing apps for android was helpful. Go ahead now, download yours and enjoy!

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